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Organic Fruit Salad

If you love fruit salad, this recipe is for you! Made with fresh mangos, strawberries, blackberries, wild blueberries, and red raspberries, is the best-tasting fruit salad. To top it all, it takes just under 10 minutes to prepare this delicious fruit dessert. Try it with a delicious honey lime dressing!

These fresh, farm-picked fruits are perfect for this fruit salad dessert. It makes a big bowl, large enough to feed a crowd, and it’s perfect to bring to a potluck, picnic, or serve at a family BBQ party.


  • Mango

  • Strawberries

  • Blackberries

  • Wild Blueberries

  • Red Raspberries


  1. Add all fruit (except bananas) to a large mixing bowl. Add the bananas just before serving.

  2. (Optional dressing) In a small mixing bowl, whisk together honey, lime zest, lime juice, and poppy seed.

  3. Pour over fruit just before serving and toss to evenly coat. Serve the fresh fruit salad immediately.

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